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TransType Pro Online

font convertor rental

US$9.99/​24 hours (TR3R)

If you’re doing only occa­sional font con­ver­sion and your work­flow doesn’t jus­tify hav­ing TransType Pro on your desk­top, then TransType Pro online is the way to go. The online ver­sion has all the same fea­tures as the desk­top. It even has the same inter­face. But the cost is only a fraction.

Font­lab has teamed up with Roozz to cre­ate a quick and easy way for the casual font user to access the power of TransType Pro. You just:

  1. Sign up for a Roozz account and down­load their plugin.
  2. Add money to your Roozz account.
  3. Start run­ning TransType Pro.

Right now Roozz has only a Win­dows plu­gin, so we’re lim­ited. But by next year they hope to have a Mac plu­gin too. The plu­gin works in any browser, so there is no lim­i­ta­tion there.

Once youtruetype font converter’re on board you get to use TransType Pro for 24 hours to do what­ever you want. You can con­vert fonts as many times as you want on as many fonts as you want. This is the fonts con­verter for the rest of us!

The pro­ce­dure to get set up to use TransType/​Roozz is quite straight­for­ward. First browse to the TransType/​Rooz plu­gin page. Down­load the plu­gin and run the file to install it on your computer.

Once installed the plu­gin will ask you to fund your Roozz account with some money. You can send money from Pay­pal or a credit card. You’ll then have a choice of how long you want to rent TransType Pro — 1 day, three days, or a week.

When you’ve made your choice TransType Pro will load into your com­puter and you’re ready to go to work.