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How to Con­vert an Open­Type Font to Adobe Type 1

First, Open TransType
Then, Click the big blue PLUS but­ton down at the bot­tom cen­tre
Browse to and select the font to be con­verted.
Click the OPEN but­ton if nec­es­sary.
The font name will appear in the Source pane — the one on the left.
In the des­ti­na­tion pane — the one on the right — note that a des­ti­na­tion font name has appeared also.
Click the drop­down arrow at the right end of the name.
Click FOR­MAT and select one of the Type 1 for­mats.
If you click on the font name in the des­ti­na­tion pane then you can see infor­ma­tion about the font in the Leg­end panel below.

Now you’re ready to con­vert. Click the swirly red CON­VERT but­ton at the lower right.
Browse to and select your des­ti­na­tion folder for the new font file. Click OK.
The con­ver­sion is per­formed.
Just look in your des­ti­na­tion folder for your new font file. For Win­dows, just iIn­stall it on your com­puter and you’re good to go. For Mac, you’ll see it has been con­verted to Mac Binary for­mat. Copy this file offer to your Mac; uncom­press it using Stuffit or a sim­i­lar util­ity; and place it in your fonts folder.