Con­vert your font as easy as 123

1. Click the “PLUS” but­ton at the bot­tom of the screen and select the font file you want to con­vert.
2. In the Des­ti­na­tion pane (right side of the screen), click the down arrow but­ton to the right of the des­ti­na­tion font name; click FOR­MAT in the drop­down menu and select the for­mat you want to con­vert the font into.
3. Click the “Con­vert fonts” but­ton (sec­ond from the right at the bot­tom); select the des­ti­na­tion direc­tory for the file of the con­verted font; and click OK.
Voila! Just look in the des­ti­na­tion direc­tory you spec­i­fied to find your con­verted font.

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